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Facts You Must Know Before Buying Flats in Barasat.

By magnoliaAdmin | Mar 21, 2023

Facts You Must Know Before Buying Flats in Barasat. For those looking to buy a flat or apartment today, undoubtedly BARASAT stands o...

Buy your own HOME with these quick TIPS & TRICKS

By magnoliaAdmin | Feb 9, 2023

Buy your own HOME with these quick TIPS & TRICKS facebook, youtube, instagram, linkedin Purchasing a home is a significant inves...

The Real Estate Industry in 2023

By magnoliaAdmin | Nov 11, 2022

The Real Estate Industry in 2023   After the COVID-19 Pandemic, every industry condition is recovering from the after-effects. ...

The Work from Home-Effect on Real Estate

By magnoliaAdmin | Oct 7, 2022

In the last 2 years almost, every industry got affected by COVID-19 which also left a significant impact on our personal and profess...

Rajarhat – The next Urban destination for your dream home

By magnoliaAdmin | Jun 10, 2022

The adorable city of Kolkata is home to several people from all walks of life. Rajarhat is a locality in Bidhannagar Municipal Corpo...

Why Real Estate is considered a shock proof asset

By magnoliaAdmin | May 9, 2022

Real estate is the only asset that can never lose its value. Not even if the entire world economy goes down the drain. I’m not...

Real estate investment tips for Millennials

By magnoliaAdmin | Apr 14, 2022

Buying a property is a dream for millennials in India. It is considered the safest investment that offers huge long-term returns. In...

How to choose a credible real estate company in Kolkata

By magnoliaAdmin | Feb 21, 2022

Purchasing a residential property is a life-changing decision and that too from a credible real estate company in Kolkata is a chall...

How stamp duty reduction will benefit homebuyers in 2022

By magnoliaAdmin | Feb 11, 2022

The Central Government is marking all our efforts to get ready for “Housing for All” in 2022. However, this still seems to be a dist...

10 Reasons To Invest In Real Estate

By magnoliaAdmin | Sep 24, 2021

10 reasons to invest in real estate Real estate investment is always a great way to boost one’s income .While investing in real esta...

7 Real Estate Area Positively Affected By 2021 Union Budget

By magnoliaAdmin | Feb 17, 2021

This blog is important for every real estate aspirant and stakeholder. This blog educates on the Real Estate Area Affected By 2021 U...

How Real Estate Industry Experts Reacted To Budget 2021?

By magnoliaAdmin | Feb 12, 2021

This is useful for every enthusiast who is keeping a close eye on various impacts that Budget 2021 has to offer on the Real Estate i...

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