Magnolia has been a humble beginning in the field of Real Estate. Our goal has been to add value to the lifestyle that people lead. We believe quality cannot be compromised. Despite braving difficult odds and having faced trying situations, we ensure that we deliver as promised. Our motto for creating value and building dreams inspires us to create opulent lifestyles at affordable prices. This is the success story of a strong, united team and the committed work of investors, stake holders, staff members, associates, partners and family members.

There is no substitute for the invaluable joy one derives from sharing individual success with the very society within which we have grown up. We believe the future holds a plethora of opportunities for all our stake holders. We can do wonders if we yield in what we desire and decide to achieve. We are confident and hopeful that you will experience a warm, long-lasting and truly symbiotic relationship with us.


Life is progressive..

The objective is to continuously upgrade, improve, innovate and set new benchmarks.. that evolve with time and sometimes even before time…

Our futuristic approach endeavours to blend architecture, technology and value-added services to create lifestyles that even the next generation will aspire to live in…

We remain rooted to our company philosophy that reflects in all aspects of our work…

Value-driven entrepreneurship welded with social welfare remains a core motive in our corporate culture as well as life…

All of our efforts towards building better living & working spaces for you are upheld by three pillars:

Long-lasting relationships
& Sincerity


To become something more is the clarion call that fuels the future we envision in the world of real estate…

By exploring and leveraging Indian’s young and emerging talent, we aim to create a value-based business environment, one that revitalizes India’s infrastructural landscape…

Our unswerving commitment to quality drives us towards integrating future potential with our work and philosophy, towards raising the benchmark of lifestyles with innovation and commitment to our promise of quality work…

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Core Values

We abide by these enduring values that are the foundation of our business and at the heart of all we do each day.

Customer Focus

  • We listen to our customers.
  • We are committed to delivering real value. omers.
  • We are committed to delivering real value.
  • We take ownership of a customer’s problem until it is solved.


  • We hold ourselves and those we work with to the highest ethical standards.
  • We are honest with each other and constructively give and willingly accept candid feedback.
  • We build relationships of trust so we can share and accept the truth, even when it’s hard to say or hear.
  • We do the right things even when no one is watching.


  • We respect each other and value their ideas and points of view.
  • We work together and support each other to achieve our goals.
  • We incorporate fun with hard work.
  • We have a passion for winning.
  • We all play an important role. We are one Enterprise.
  • There is no “they” or “I”.

Passion for Excellence

  • We strive to find better ways to solve customer problems.
  • We embrace change and use it to shape our own future.
  • We seek innovative solutions to achieve a competitive advantage.
  • We recognize outstanding performance.
  • We inspire each other to succeed.
  • We encourage risk-taking.


  • We take ownership of results delivered in our area of work.
  • We are responsible for and committed to our own personal growth and development.
  • We work through challenges and obstacles to achieve a successful outcome.


  • We show consideration, listen & seek inputs and treat each other fairly.
  • We acknowledge work-life balance as a key driver to achieve a competitive edge.
  • We value diversity of people and ideas irrespective of the level of experience.

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