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Mr. & Mrs. Srimanta Sarkar Found Their Dream Home In Magnolia Enjoy. In This Customer Testimonial Video, They Share Their Journey Of Discovering The Perfect Residential Apartment And The Upgraded Lifestyle It Offers. Watch Now!

Mr & Mrs Srimanta Sarkar

Mr. & Mrs. Biswajit Bose became one of the proud owners of Magnolia Sports City.Being a happy owner, Mr. Bose has a lot to say about the various benefits of buying a flat at Magnolia Sports City.Listen to Mr.Bose’s experience as a Magnolia Sports City customer.

Mr. & Mrs. Biswajit Bose

Being a sport enthusiast and a cricket coach myself, Magnolia Sports City was the most ideal project for my dream choice as it is a project filled with amenities that allows one to engage in multiple sports and activities.

Mr. Keshav Ranjan Banerjee

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