SEO and real estate
Real Estate Tips

How SEO Can Be A Great Help For Real Estate Brands?

By Magnolia Realty | Aug 6, 2020

The current state of events due to global pandemic is undoubtedly incredibly frustrating for industries. Real estate industry along ...

property investment
Real Estate Knowledge

Why buying a home is the most practical and wise investment?

By Magnolia Realty | Aug 2, 2020

Homeownership is a crucial milestone in everyone’s life.  When a large sum of money is at stake, worrying about getting tied d...

Real Estate Tips

Top 5 Reasons For Owning A House Than Renting

By Magnolia Realty | Jul 26, 2020

Whether you want to rent a home or buy, both decisions are decisive. It is not just a financial matter but there are other factors a...

Real Estate Tips

Top 3 Most Important Financial Checklists Before Buying A Home

By Magnolia Realty | Jul 14, 2020

For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment of their lives. You see advertisements on social media, print and discuss w...

Real Estate Kolkata

Home Buying Tip: Know Your Neighborhood Online Before Investing

By Magnolia | Jul 9, 2020

The importance of a good neighbourhood has been more emphasized during the pandemic. People are staying away from their family and l...

apartments near Madhyamgram

How to choose the right floor in a high-rise building?

By Magnolia | Jun 23, 2020

While buying a home we often research a lot about locality, facilities on offer, great neighbourhood and of course, value for money....

affordable housing

Challenges And Opportunities In Affordable Housing In India

By Magnolia Realty | Jun 22, 2020

Witnessing the coronavirus pandemic in India, many sectors such as hospitality, real estate, auto industry and others bear the brunt...

home buying

We Bought a Home Sight Unseen during Lockdown (What We Learned)

By Magnolia Realty | Jun 6, 2020

“May I, Ma’am, offer my services without running the risk of intruding your valuable time?” I confessed this was the first time I he...


Top 5 Ways To Build Home Equity

By Magnolia Realty | Jun 1, 2020

What is Home Equity? It is the percentage of your home’s valuation that you own, and a key denominator to build your homeownership. ...

Real Estate Kolkata

How Lifestyle Amenities Help Building a Great Community

By Magnolia | May 27, 2020

The quality of social infrastructure and the well-being of the residents are quite connected. In fact, the amenities in apartment co...

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