work from home schedule

Work From Home Is New Normal – Create Space For Maximum Productivity

By Magnolia Realty | May 24, 2020

Social distancing is the new mandate across much of the country. Organizations knew for long that work from home has certain advanta...

new home checklists

Looking For Your New Home? Use Your Time To Create Checklists

By Magnolia Realty | May 17, 2020

Just before the Coronavirus outbreak, you were thinking of moving you home to a new one, but now you need to wait for a while till t...

Real Estate Tips

Real Estate Investment – Tricks & Tips Revealed

By Magnolia Realty | May 4, 2020

Real estate investment is considered one of the most profitable investments among all investment tools. It’s not only a great long-t...


5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During this Quarantine

By Magnolia | Apr 28, 2020

Let’s face it. Being indoors and that too for an uncertain span of time is pretty frustrating. Maintaining social isolation, in the ...

real estate investment
Real Estate News

Why Real Estate Investment Is Crucial During Market Uncertainty?

By Magnolia Realty | Apr 25, 2020

There are reports that show residential property developers have claimed to close deals worth hundreds of crores during the lockdown...


COVID – 19 Safety Guidelines For Your Housing Society

By Magnolia Realty | Apr 18, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak has stirred our society in various ways. The government has announced a lockdown, which means we cannot go outs...

Real Estate Tips

Top 5 Home Buying Tips For First Time Buyers

By Magnolia Realty | Apr 15, 2020

Buying a home is a big factor, in fact, for many, it is the biggest investment of their lives. Owning a home is a dream for people, ...

Real Estate Tips

Top 4 Influencing Factors Govern Home Buying Decision

By Magnolia Realty | Apr 11, 2020

Buying a home involves financial decisions, calculations, planning and lots more. Nevertheless, the feeling is quite similar to fall...

lockdown coronavirus buying tips
Real Estate Tips

Top 5 Things You Can Do During Lockdown To Prepare For Home Buying

By Magnolia Realty | Apr 7, 2020

You were planning to buy your first home but suddenly lockdown happened. Forced by a 120 nm virus, you put on hold your dream, leavi...

Real Estate Kolkata

Drive Away The Quarantine Blues With Simple Home Up-Gradation Tips

By Magnolia | Apr 3, 2020

As COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the nation, self-isolation is the best possible weapon for all of us at this moment to fight agains...

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