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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During this Quarantine

28 Apr 2020

Let’s face it. Being indoors and that too for an uncertain span of time is pretty frustrating. Maintaining social isolation, in the truest sense of the term is difficult for adults, let alone the question of kids. “Almost a month long quarantine has already taken a toll on our psychological state, and with kids at home, doing all the mischief round the clock, it’s easy to get mad”, says the owner of a residential apartment near Salt Lake Sector 5.

However, she has also shared a few amazing ideas to make these quarantined days less annoying for the kids. Staying away from regular schools and classmates for such a long time can be vexing for them. And, as parents, we must address this by engaging them in some fun activities. Let’s find out some great ideas here.

1. Engage Him in an Art Project

Art projects are fun, especially when schools are closed, and there’s no way to attend the regular drawing classes. This is the perfect time to engage in some creative session with the entire family. Let your child paint something on his own and use it for decorating his room. For example, you can ask him to create a handprint wreath to hang in your window. To intensify the fun factor, everyone in the family can indulge in it. Make different colour handprints of every member of the family and paste these on a paper. It will instantly cheer up the ambience and inculcate a sense of love and companionship for everyone in the family.

2. Make them Write Letters to the Friends

This is a digital age and no matter how hard we try, we can’t look away from the conveniences it offers. Video chatting has been the norm of the day to catch up with friends and family during this quarantine. While we adults are falling for it, how kids can stay far from the same thing? Clinical psychologists suggest this is the perfect time to make your kids practice the art of letter writing. You can ask the little member of your family to design handmade postcards and write letters to his friends. This way you can keep it away from digital influence while making them learn the art and joy of writing letters. Practising this can also lift up their moods and inculcate a sense of creativity.

3. Binge on Family Movie Time

Make screen time special by watching children’s movie together with your son or daughter. You can actually make your kids experience a real-time experience of a movie hall by replicating the same scenario. Ask your kids to make tickets and distribute them among family members before the show starts. This is a fun way to make the quarantined phase less depressing.

4. Engage them in Household Tasks

While most of the schools are holding online classes, kids do have a considerable amount of free hours. Don’t let him sit idle, instead engage him in some household works, like cleaning or de-cluttering your living space. Such constructive habits will inculcate a sense of love and togetherness with every member of the family. Secondly, it won’t make this quarantine gloomy or so.

5. Encourage Kids to Practice Meditation

Keeping your calm is the need of the hour. So is true for kids as well. It’s difficult to make kids sit still, but you can do it by giving them rewards. You can also practice meditation in the guise of some sort of playful activity, which child may enjoy the most.  It will help your kid learn stress management right from the childhood days.

Since quarantine has offered enough scope to explore new hobbies and passion, let your kids indulge in it. Find out his knacks and skills, so that you can engage him in fun activities during this entire phase.


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