March 2020 | Magnolia Realty

Secure Your Financial Future By Investing In Real Estate

By magnoliaAdmin | Mar 25, 2020

Financial security is in everybody’s mind. For most of us, we think of today, getting ready for work, completing our work, having di...

India’s Real Estate Bright Spot Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

By magnoliaAdmin | Mar 24, 2020

Coronavirus has already shaken India’s economy and changed many people’s lives. As this pandemic intensifies, it will surely impact ...

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Under-Construction Property

By magnoliaAdmin | Mar 19, 2020

It is no doubt that most of the buyers have a taste of ready-to-move properties. However, when you start searching for your home, it...

Women become active in real estate purchase decision

By magnoliaAdmin | Mar 11, 2020

Women always have a very significant role in Indian cultural milieu. Women have mastered the art of homemaking, mostly because their...

Mainstream affordable housing projects get further impetus

By magnoliaAdmin | Mar 2, 2020

India, in the past decade, has witnessed rapid urbanization, facing lots of development and resource challenges. The urban migration...

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