Demand for independent floors in the real estate sector
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Top 5 reasons surge in demand for independent floors in the real estate sector

1 Nov 2022

Independent floors in the real estate sector


At the present time, the COVID-19 pandemic situation is much better than in 2020-21. Now many home buyers are highly interested to invest their valuable money in real estate properties for a secure future. But buyers change their choice after the pandemic. They want independent living the need hours, especially when the whole country is observing the pandemic situation. In this blog, we described the 5 top reasons for the surge in demand for independent floors in the real estate sector.


 1. Privacy at an affordable price rate:


Independent floor helps build an individual residential area without paying a fixed price. Many way investors buy low-rise/independent floors during the pre-launch phase, knowing that such floors will rise to their original face value when launched. Another side is their creativity with the interior aesthetics to sell/rent at much overpricing and making such independent floors look like luxury at a reasonable.


 2. Security & safety:


 The purpose of an independent floor is to get a secure and safe residential property. Not only do separate floors provide privacy, the electronic security at their entry and departure points. The main important thing is that the security gate prevents criminals and other major problems. Security elements include CCTV cameras, electric fences, and other devices and services.


 3. Maintenance charge & cost-effective:


Maintenance charges and other fees are also planned for major development projects instead of high-rise apartments. You should pay a high maintenance charge for the building and shared facilities every month, even after purchase if you choose to live in a high-rise apartment. A builder’s floor is less costly than a multi-story apartment, resulting in significant financial savings, including maintenance expenses.


 4. Floors can be shared with relatives:


The most important part of the independent floor is that sharing property can be increased by quickly doing so with friends & families, a builder floor leaves you with independence in marketing such a decision compared to sharing the property in such a way in the high-rise.


5. Deluxe Amenities:


 The benefits of living on an independent floor are used to a range of faucets, particularly those that are currently being got and have pushed demand even high. It is feasible to live comfortably in such a well-integrated community.




 Independent floors are being driven by the increased awareness towards holistic living with an abundance of greenery, jogging tracks, modern amenities & facilities making the health and wealth of families.


Written By- Moon Sarkar


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