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Drive Away The Quarantine Blues With Simple Home Up-Gradation Tips

3 Apr 2020

As COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the nation, self-isolation is the best possible weapon for all of us at this moment to fight against the deadly virus. The lockdown for 21days to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease, making people self-quarantine themselves at home. The virus poses an obvious threat to physical safety but also taking a toll on mental health. The sudden halt from a hectic and busy schedule and upsetting updates in TV channels are making people restless, anxious and panicked.

We have now been accustomed to the term ‘social distancing’ more than ever. The human beings are a highly social creature and this self-enforced isolation is something they find very difficult to deal with. We, as developers know and realize the fact that even when families are scattered and nuclear families are on the rise, people seek company. That’s why Magnolia Empire has come up with 2/3 BHK apartments near Madhyamgram railway station with plenty of amenities to bring people closer and create a sense of community.

But what about this time when self-isolation is the key to survival? Our homes have become our workplaces, gyms, and social hubs. Let’s look at the bright side of it. We got plenty of time to bond with our closest people, nurture old hobbies and show some love to our home sweet home. Home décor experts have shared some simple yet effective tips for a happy quarantine:

1. Start with basic de-cluttering:
How about maintaining some basic hygiene? We are in a situation when maintaining hygiene is the thumb rule for the season. A little dusting and washing can go a long way to make you feel relaxed. Until Coronavirus affected our daily schedule, work-off days were reserved for binge-watching series. So, there is no better opportunity to clean and wipe your home throughout or get rid of extra stuff to free up some spaces to avoid an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia. Make space for shared activities with family.

2. Create a nook for yourself:
You might want to read a book or listen to music or nurture an old hobby alone. Create a cozy nook for yourself to curl up in with just a comfy chair, some pillows and maybe a solid surface to rest drinks and snacks. Try to make your home as lively as possible with your personal favourite items, paintings or crafts. If you are working from home, keep your working area separate from your sleeping area and where interruptions are limited. Shades of blue or yellow are great for boosting productivity. Create a calm, cool environment in your bedroom to relax in peace.

3. Rearrange the furniture:
Move or rearrange furniture to refresh the look of a room without having to spend anything. Maximize floor space in the rooms where you spend most of the time and create a bit more flow so you don’t feel cramped. In living spaces, soft furnishings with bright colours will give you a cozy and comforting vibe. Fluffy pillows, cotton, vibrant throws, small faux-furry rugs are the home comforts we need right now.

4. Make changes in lighting arrangements:
Let natural light and breeze flood your room in abundance. Open windows and have some cozy seating arrangements in places with the most daylight and allow fresh air to caress your cheeks. Make sure your workspace is well lit so that you feel less lethargic. You can use the Christmas lights and put them along a window ledge, a shelf, a frame or create a curtain of light. Try hanging a light canopy from the ceiling that resembles a starry sky for an instant cozy vibe.

5. Incorporate a nice smell:
The good smell can do wonders to your mood. Fresh bedsheets, scented candles have a calming effect. Plants are great stressbusters and surrounding yourself with plants will improve air quality, reduce pollutants, and decrease stress. If you have a balcony or rooftop garden, pluck some vibrant flowers and place them in your room. The smell of fresh flowers will liven up your room leaving a refreshing feeling.


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