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Facts You Must Know Before Buying Flats in Barasat.

21 Mar 2023

Facts You Must Know Before Buying Flats in Barasat. For those looking to buy a flat or apartment today, undoubtedly BARASAT stands out one of the best residential today. It has the access of 4 different routes like – it connects Barrackpore, Kolkata, Bongaon and also Basirhat. Barasat becomes the residential hub of Kolkata. There are plenty of malls like – STAR MALL, SUNCITY MALL, CITY MALL and more. Restaurants like KARIM’s, BARBEQUE NATIONS, BABA KA DHABA, SHANGHAI, CHOWMEN and many more. CROMA, WESTSIDE, BIGBAZAR, RELIANCE TRENDS, PANTALOONS, REEBOK, ADIDAS and more. Universities like – Adamas University, State University and colleges like – KINGSTON, BRAINWARE, BARASAT GOVT COLLEGE, SBIHM and many more. This is the reason everyone is looking out for the best flat for sale in Barasat, Kolkata.

Searching for a flat is not an easy task as you think. While trying to find a house in this residential region, first-time buyers often miss a variety of crucial aspects. You must have all the information you need before signing any documents in order to make the best choice you can within your means. We will surely help you to find your best suitable apartment as we have 2 ongoing giant projects in Barasat. One is MAGNOLIA FANTASIA and another one is MAGNOLIA NAKSHATRA. We will go over the top 5 things that buyers should consider.


TOP 5 Things to Consider Before buying a 2/3 BHK Flats in BARASAT

Don’t get confuse between carpet area and super build up area

carpet area vs super build up area

Interior space matters when looking for 3 BHK flats in Barasat (perhaps more than you know).

The carpet area describes the space that can be covered by a carpet and the super build-up area is the total saleable area. People who are looking for an apartment complex in Barasat should know these differences between carpet area and super build-up area.


Location Is Important, But Only When You See It

location is important

A 2 BHK flat in Barasat comes with the surrounding features included in the price. Apartments are bought with a long-term goal in mind, and everything in the neighborhood becomes a regular part of your life for a very long time. But you can only choose properly when you really see it. Advertisements that claim to be “minutes from the nearest mall” may appear. However, you will not know the actual distance unless you actually visit a location. While looking for 3 BHK flats in Barasat, the fact that a project like MAGNOLIA FANTASIA is only 8 minutes away from BARASAT RAILWAY STATION is a huge advantage.

The following are some of the most typical queries made by buyers:

Facts You Must Know Before Buying Flats in Barasat.

  • How far away are the hospitals and nearby schools?
  • Are any safety or security issues?
  • What types of transportation are there?
  • How close is the railroad station?
Final price may not be include hidden charges

hidden fees

A website can present an attractive final cost or a fresh discount. So don’t assume that’s where the story ends. Even if you’re searching for affordable flats for sale in Barasat, Kolkata, there are some few additional expenses that you won’t immediately be aware of. They are not technically hidden (where the builder is trying to fool you).

Instead, because one’s budget has already been determined in advance, these are neglected. This is why it is important to be aware of any additional costs associated with 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats in Barasat. Some of the most important points to be aware of are listed below:

PLC costs

GST costs

Fees for registration

a parking area

Stamp fees

Processing fee for mortgages

Additional costs

Deposit for repairs, etc.


The Builder Is More Important Than You Realize


Each of us has a favourite brand. We all have a preferred brand of shoes, appliances, and toothpaste. This is a result of the respect they have earned over time and the excellence of each of their offerings. It is not all that dissimilar from the real estate industry. You will see that not every brand is reputable; therefore, it is crucial to select well-known names like the MAGNOLIA INFASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED in Kolkata.

When you searching for flats in Barasat, perform a thorough background check on the builder. To obtain a better understanding of their past, look at their previous or current work. Ask your queries on one of the many real estate forums on the internet if you have any remaining concerns about the builder. This will ensure that the money you have worked so hard to save over the years is in the correct hands.


Without the HIRA number, don’t even think about it

Business transactions and fairness among real estate developers have improved thanks to the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Act, or HIRA. This regulatory body sets standards and settles real estate disputes. It exists to defend the rights of those trying to purchase a flat in Barasat.


As a result, a builder’s HIRA number acts as a badge of credibility. Make sure your flat in Barasat has a HIRA number listed on the website or brochure before you put pen to paper. Always double-check credibility, especially if you are buying a home just once in your life.


Keeping these in mind will help you avoid future issues.


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