Why should you buy a High-Rise property near Kolkata Airport?
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Why should you buy a High-Rise property near Kolkata Airport?

29 May 2022

Location plays an important role when buying a new property. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why should you buy a High-Rise property near Kolkata Airport?

Kolkata Airport is well-connected to all major parts of this city. The smart city Rajarhat (New-Town) is very close to Airport.

Most of the public utilities are readily available such as schools, colleges, markets, shopping malls, diagnostic centres, hospitals, and restaurants and the most important thing is the area has well-connected transport services.

Airports are a major attraction for the commercial and retail sectors also. The hi- infrastructure initiatives in these regions transform them into the high growth zone.

The real estate buyers actually look up to buying a new property near Kolkata. However, there is yet another group for whom locations near the airport are not the first priority for a residential complex. So, what’s the actual smart decision for buying a new apartment. It can be said that buying a luxury apartment near Airport definitely has its set of perks. Here, we discuss some good enough reasons for you to buy a residential property near the Airport.

Why should you buy a High-Rise property near Kolkata Airport?

Because of 5 smart reasons, you will definitely invest in your new property. The top 5 reasons are:

1. Location Advantage:

If you are a frequent flyer, flats near the airport can be a blessing in disguise. With such a location advantage, you’ll have quick access to well-connected highways surrounding the airport and ideal transport services.

For example, the Kolkata Airport area will be a very good location for house hunting and IT professionals who have their offices in Rajarhat (Newtown) and Saltlake sector V.

2. Better Quality of living:

Many of the projects are located within close proximity of the Kolkata Airport. If you are looking for high-class living with the best quality of life, Rajarhat is the best place to start your search for a luxury property that will give you all kinds of modern amenities and also the facilities you are looking for. Moreover, it is one of the fastest-growing locations being near the Airport.

3. Aeroplane noise is not an issue anymore:

The frequent noise used to be a major deterrent in buying properties near an airport, but this is no longer the case. As long as a residential neighbourhood does not fall within a flight path, noise should be the least of your worry.

With technological advances and worldwide efforts in lowering noise pollution, this could soon become a non-issue for residents living near the Airport. In the future, airports are as silent as libraries!

4. Good Return on Investment:

If you are planning to invest in a property with a home loan, buying one near an airport will give you a good ROI. In the past few years, airports across India have transformed into a growth zone. It is well known that good infrastructure leads to better capital appreciation.

5. Better Investment Choice:

Looking for a residential property or planning a new set-up for a business? The great decision is any location near Kolkata Airport. With the development of social infrastructure facilities, there is a huge demand in the real estate industry too. In other words, you can invest in any kind of property near the airport.

To conclude, All the above benefits show the importance of living near the airport. Get ready to invest in the properties right next to the national and international airport that offers a fabulous living environment!


By: Moon Sarkar


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