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Home Buying Tips: Know Your Neighbourhood Online Before investing

7 Oct 2020

Indians share a great bond with their neighbours and in many cases, they are the most reliable source of help. Studies found that most Indians would entrust their immediate neighbour to receive a delivery in their absence, rather than propose an alternative address. So, among many other factors, your neighbourhood plays a critical role while choosing your home.

Magnolia Merlion is offering 2/3 BHK flats in Rajarhat amongst many residential projects in New Town which is known to be a very peaceful neighbourhood. In this smart city of Kolkata, there is no dearth of public transport, well-lit wide streets and basic and luxury amenities that are making life smooth and happening for its residents.

As the economy is slowly opening up, you can also resume your home hunting spree again. You can find lots of flats near Rajarhat with all types of amenities and facilities, complex with swimming pool etc. However, you just can’t just ignore your neighbourhood so do your research about the locality first.

Take help from Google

Google map can help you check the road network, markets, schools, banks, ATMs, hospitals etc. around your desired home with distance. Increase the zoom level to get better clarity about the locality and affordable flats at Rajarhat. Google map also helps you to plan the favourable commute that gives a better understanding of travel time to a particular destination. Check out the look and feel of the neighbourhood through Google Earth, an excellent tool that will let you know about the building types and congestion levels through photographs taken by local users.

Dig into social media

In the digital era, the easiest way to know about people is through social media. Follow the community pages or join the virtual groups on social media and browse through the posts to evaluate the issues and topics discussed by the people. Residential societies often create their own social profiles from where you may know the areas of the locality. You can be quite aware of the quality of schools, entertainment options and other lifestyle factors from here. Also, you will have a better idea about flats near the airport, neighbourhood essential shops etc.

Browse property portals

Neighbourhood often determines the price of a property. Before investing in 2 BHK/3BHK in Rajarhat, it is always advisable to look at current home prices in a neighbourhood and compare it with yours. Browsing through some renowned online portals and real estate listings and find flats near Rajarhat, you can have a detailed idea of the area and what facilities you are going to enjoy there. You can understand the nitty-gritty of the home buying process and liveability score which will tell you how your life will be in your new home. Families, young couples and bachelors have different lifestyle choices. These websites publish in-depth analysis, articles and tips that will help you to choose a home suitable for you.

Read the e-papers:

Real estate issues catch the attention of the media very fast. Almost all newspapers have their e-paper available online from where you can know about the local news. Ongoing issues, land disputes, crime rates of a locality should be well considered before investing in a home which is a matter of a lifetime. Try to find the data about the crime rate in that locality which will give you a clearer picture. There are certain mobile apps that will give you more detailed information about the crime rates in a location and also help you to take action through alerts and notifications.


Did you postpone your home buying procedure in the wake of the pandemic owing to your inability to visit the neighbourhood and the locality? Don’t worry. Research about your desired home and locality online.


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