How Lifestyle Amenities Help Building a Great Community
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How Lifestyle Amenities Help Building a Great Community

27 May 2020

The quality of social infrastructure and the well-being of the residents are quite connected. In fact, the amenities in apartment complexes pretty much explains the lifestyle and have gone far beyond usual swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts etc. Amenities are no more about comfort and convenience, rather they offer an excellent opportunity for the residents to get themselves involved in activities, and increase social interaction. The idea is to gift them a community that will be a part and parcel of their life.

“Escalating stress levels have led to the need for modern amenities”, says the resident of Magnolia Fantasia, residential flats near Barasat Railway station. A home should be more of a personal haven where one can notch up the highest level of comfort in the best possible way. And, it starts with participating in social activities within your neighborhood. As the concept of neighborhood has experienced a sea change in the recent times, community life has become the new norm. The sense of community identity and belonging in society is becoming the custom in the recent times.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are great places for social interaction. Pools become the perfect hangout spot for people of every age group. And, swimming with your fellow residents helps in building a happy healthy community. These pools also offers an excellent way to the people who want to stay in shape without hitting the gym. Such pools are perfect for families where they can make a splash and have a gala time or enjoy pool parties.

Indoor Games

Indoor games room are perfect to let lose yourself after a hectic day at work. A casual game of basketball, squash, badminton or tennis is a great way to destress while having a community life. In fact, such games room offers amazing gala time with friends and family.These amenities become an outlet for fitness as well as a factor for great, healthy community building.

Senior Sitting

Senior sitting arena offers a great hangout spot for the seniors in the family. They can relive their good old days, while having a great time with the people of same age group. Landscaped gardens and decked up seating under the open sky give them an opportunity to build a community of their own. “It’s important for the senior residents to have their own group, which is otherwise missing in the nuclear family set up”, says Mrs. Banerjee, the owner of a 3 BHK apartment in Barasat.

Entertainment options

We can’t deny that entertainment options play a great role in bringing people together. And,having a TV room in the residence can help you break through your brooding moments of dullness or monotony. Weekends or weekdays – there will always be scope for catching up for a movie in the TV room. The best, happiest neighborhood offers an array of entertainment options that make living there ever-interesting.

As already mentioned, lifestyle amenities are more than convenience facilities these days. Rather they are outlets for building happy neighborhoods.



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