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How SEO Can Be A Great Help For Real Estate Brands?

6 Aug 2020

The current state of events due to global pandemic is undoubtedly incredibly frustrating for industries. Real estate industry along with other industries such as hospitality, airlines, retails, and entertainment bear the brunt, nevertheless, people are looking after new houses and this is the reason renowned developers are pushing hard to lure prospects through offers, virtual tours, proactive customer relationship management and other avenues.

Every bad thing comes with a good side, and in this case, the pandemic has shined an evident light on previously existing shortfalls particularly for processes led without the help of technology. Realtors have realized the importance of technology and streamline every process by bringing them online.

Why SEO for Real Estate

Real estate companies are more focused on digital aspects like ad campaigns, PR marketing, brand positioning and video marketing. In the last 5 months Indians everywhere, across every segment are getting more accustomed to online buying. According to a study, nearly 95% of people look for new houses through search engines. Out of these, 51% of potential customers actually go on to purchase from the searched results. Of these, almost 55% of the searches click on one of the results on the first page of Google.

Website is the greatest online asset of any company, and if that doesn’t feature in search results, the company misses an opportunity to be seen and consequently misses a potential client.

Here are some SEO Tips for Real Estate Brands

1. Optimize Website Pages for the right Keywords

Although Google algorithm is complex, the main ingredient is of course keywords. Through keywords, search engines can identify certain pages. There is a complex mechanism of page optimization, but to simplify here we segregate keyword selection into three tenets –

a) Intent of the searcher
b) Keyword search volume
c) Keyword positioning and frequency

A good search engine optimization circles around these keywords, narrowing down the right keywords for each property. An expert optimizes blogs, press releases and other content-driven pages and finds a rank in the search engine.

2. Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO is different from regular SEO because it only features as a part of local listings. The advantage of local SEO is that it targets searchers’ preference for looking for real estate businesses nearby. This local optimization is done by creating content centred around local keywords. Also, update all the local directory listings, update website URL and property pages all across online platforms such as social media and Google My Business.

3. Post Reviews on Search and Social Media

Reviews and testimonials do not just help a brand to strengthen the credibility but also help in Google searches. This is a common tactic of real estate developers to add testimonials to add online credibility. In this regard, the important part is to make a difference with others. Add testimonials in Youtube channel, social media, create a blog about the best testimonials and optimize it through proper keywords. This will give a great boost to your local SEO efforts.

4. Optimize Photos and Videos

Real estate photos and videos are important components and therefore these have to be optimized in a big way. Always use alt tag in the photos, use hashtags in the videos. This will not only enhance your search capabilities but also improves the users’ experience. It has been testified that listings with photos and videos will generate a higher number of leads.

5. Optimize it for Mobile Devices

It is significant to give users a mobile-friendly experience of your website. Since mobile users are mostly impulsive and they want things fast and friendly, you need to create a separate mobile site where photos and videos load fast and content needs to be trimmed and customized. Do not confuse users with lots of Call-to-action (CTA) buttons.


  • Optimize your website for the correct keywords
  • Optimize content around local keywords
  • Use reviews and testimonials on the website and social media
  • Optimize photos and videos
  • Optimize the website for mobile devices


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