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Importance Of Open Space In Gated Community

24 Nov 2020

Open spaces are not just meant to enhance the aesthetics of a property but also augment functional value to it. A developer designs creative open spaces in a gated community primarily to increase amenities so that they can showcase luring recreational opportunities to its clients. For example, common amenities in the open spaces are parks, children’s play areas, jogging tracks, outdoor courts, landscaped gardens, sitting areas, and many more.

The open spaces provide both aesthetic and functional values and provide active and passive recreational opportunities to the residents.

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Some of the important aspects of open spaces are as follows:

  • Secure and protect the health and well-being of the residents of the gated community.
  • Improve the return of investment (ROI) of the property
  • Enhance the aesthetic value of the property
  • Create functional values of the property by creating attractive open space amenities.
  • Preserve natural surroundings.

The gated community in our culture rises from a ‘culture of fear’ as urban people find it suitable to purchase their houses in secured places to ward off criminal threats. The access is controlled by some sort of physical barriers such as fenced perimeters or guarded entrances. The open space in a gated community is one of the facilities that facilitate residents for their social interaction requirement.

Most of the developers provide lots of amenities in the open space, which attract customers and consequently increase the value of the property. For example, Magnolia Empire is embellished with ultramodern lifestyle abodes amidst a vivacious open space. The property is accentuated with well-chosen landmarks and luxuries.

To know the details of the project, you can go through the link:

Magnolia Empire – Tallest Towers in Madhyamgram

Open Spaces Create Social Bonding

Open spaces are a significant element to sustaining social life. All the amenities provided by the developers such as fitness centers, parks, entertainment zones, cafes, etc. all are created to encourage social interaction and bringing inclusivity. The amenities mainly focus on nature and utilization of common spaces and internal dynamics.

These open spaces are well-maintained and generally perceived as being safe and contain both hard and soft spaces. These open spaces serve as an important factor to bring together the diversity of a gated community and fulfill the needs of all residents. Furthermore, there are ample data that tells us that common spaces act as a precursor to social interaction. Most of the amenities are designed in a way that creates peaceful and tranquil interaction with their own set of rules and regulations to avoid any conflict.

Advantages of Open Space Layout

Improvement in Quality of Living

It is not just the house you are living in, but also your surroundings that matter to healthy living. Many people prefer to live a bit away from the chaotic life, living in a dust and pollution-free environment, so they choose a gated community with more open spaces. It also improves the standard of living of people.

Provided a Good Return To Investment (ROI)

The gated communities with more open spaces have more amenities such as parks, playgrounds, seating areas, badminton courts, etc. These amenities are in high demand, especially when customers are looking for gated communities with amenities. This is the reason gated communities with lots of open spaces have more ROI than standalone buildings.

Improves Social Interaction

As mentioned before, open spaces create a social interaction because people tend to socialize in common areas. A well-managed garden or common sitting areas are the places where people generally meet and socialize. An open space can also facilitate cultural activities such as festivals and other programs.

Open Spaces Facilitate Healthy Living

A well-managed garden and lots of open space naturally reduces noise and air pollution and improve the air quality in the apartments. The green space surrounding your apartment will create a relaxing environment. It also affects you psychologically as you feel to come back home after work because the open areas entice you to relax in your familiar space.

Open Spaces Encourage Children Development

Open spaces help to develop children’s physical, emotional, and social demands. The open space is especially demanding by parents with small kids because they want their children to experience the natural environment and free from pollution.


Buying a property is for many a one-time investment, but they rush into purchasing a house and finally settle for a compact and close-spaced house. There is a number of advantages of properties with open spaces, so it is important to invest in a home that not only provides you with spacious rooms but also has open spaces surrounding the apartment.


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