Security is Primary Concern as a Single Woman Moving a city
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Security was My Primary Concern as a Single Woman Moving into a New City

20 Oct 2021

I’m Swati Dasgupta, a doctor at Fortis Hospital in Kolkata, purchased my dream home at Magnolia Oxygen in the City of Joy. My experience of being a single woman has introduced me to many safety issues. Security was My Primary Concern as a Single Woman Moving into a New City. My appreciation also goes out to Magnolia Realty, one of the prominent real estate developers in Kolkata, who offered exceptional assistance to me during my tough times.

I have been practising as a gynaecologist at Fortis in Delhi for more than five years. I had no one in Kolkata to take care of my older parents after my brother passed away. As a result, I had to relocate to my hometown. I thought of moving to a flat since there wasn’t much space in our ancestral home. Security was My Primary Concern as a Single Woman Moving into a New City.

Home hunting began and it was tougher than I imagined. Most neighbourhoods I visited during the process were not up to par. Finding an apartment that would suit my needs was a concern. I came to know about one of the upcoming Magnolia projects at that time. They handled all my worries and made the whole home buying process much smoother. I found a stunning apartment along with a safe neighbourhood that I had been searching for a long time. Talking about Magnolia infrastructure, it was the best so far that I came across during the prolonged home hunting process.

With the changing times and the increased threats to women today, women’s safety has become increasingly important when purchasing a home. For single women who are looking for purchasing a home.

I have a few suggestions:

The best choice is to buy a house near other residences and amenities rather than an isolated one. The space should be lively and secure, allowing a lot of movement.

The exterior and interior of an apartment or condo that is on the lower level should be secured. It is advisable to install sturdy grills on your balcony and reliable door locks if you want to keep your family safe at all times. Do not forget to secure glass doors and windows that do not have grills.

The best option to find a home is to look for one in an apartment or neighbourhood you are familiar with. Close-knit neighbourhoods with friends and supporters will be an asset. Make sure your neighbours are caring and will look out for one another when you choose a home.

Make sure there is proper 24×7 security surveillance and CCTV cameras are placed within the premises.

Wrapping Up

The security of women begins at home with a safe, comfortable environment. In Kolkata, Magnolia Infrastructure is one of the most prominent real estate developers offering exceptionally well-planned apartments. Having a safe home can make a big difference in our happiness and peace of mind.


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