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19 Tips To Consider For Good Resale Value Of Home

6 Mar 2021

In this article, we describe the good resale value of a home


Who would deny that the best investment on earth is the earth?

This blog has the objective to provide below real estate education:

  • Total of 17 tips (external & internal) for having good resale value
  • 8 external elements to consider the resale value
  • 9 internal elements to consider for resale value
  • The most important factor to determine the resale value

It’s one of our greatest investments, and some of us do it more than once in our lives.

Like many things that have changed drastically in our lives, so have our housing practices. For the full span of our lives, most of us do not remain in one home, as it used to be for several individuals in previous generations. With these practices, the mindset has also changed.

The three most significant variables are position, location, and location. It’s the first thing to remember when searching for a house. So what makes the place a nice one with good resale?


  • The neighbourhood has convenient and fast access to colleges, shopping malls, and country clubs.
  • It is wise to choose a house that is relatively elevated above the city, which can provide two benefits: good airflow and a nicer view.
  • Open space within the apartment. For example, 4 families as neighbours on your floor are always better than 8 families on the same floor.
  • The neighbours and their visitors will hear less noise in a house at the end of the street. It’s even better if the street is a dead end. More light and air can be available in a corner building or flats.
  • The northward or southward positioning of the is also important due to breeze circulation which depends upon the geographic (longitudinal) position of your location where you are choosing your house or flat.
  • The dimension and space configuration of the flat, toilets, and kitchen are also to be considered.
  • If young families with children are the majority of buyers in your town, think of a house with a wide yard or balcony that doesn’t face a busy street.
  • There are also other aspects of the climate to consider concerning personal preferences, such as an agricultural zone versus an urban area, schools, and other civic facilities quality.

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There are several significant internal elements in addition to these external factors that can make the quality of a house higher and buyers are often looking for these elements while buying a resale house or flat:

  • Closets, plenty of closets, and as much spare space or loft as possible for storage.
  • Light and bright homes are very popular with lots of natural lighting.
  • Split bedroom designs are increasingly common with buyers, with bedrooms at either end of the house.
  • If you live in a scenic place, it can help you sell by getting a view.
  • Multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and rest areas.
  • A spacious kitchen with as many cabinets as possible and a cooking room.
  • The inclination to work from home calls for an adequate space to be set up as a home office.
  • Washing machines and dryers space inside your house or flat.
  • A dedicated balcony attached to a flat or house.

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The most important factor for having a good resale value is to consider an option where you are getting good quality construction with zero compromises on technical specifications at a price that is lower than the market price of the surrounding project and where the sales velocity of units is high.


End users usually don’t purchase a house or flat keeping the objective of the sale in mind. However, it is evident that when good resale value elements are considered while buying the property, living becomes peaceful and enjoyable. As a developer brand, Magnolia has been the only developer in Rajarhat which has been providing world-class infrastructure, timely possession, and good quality finishing of the house at a comparatively lower rate in the surrounding market. The mission is to provide more affordable houses without compromising on luxury elements and this makes the Magnolia brand, a market leader.

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