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15 Jan 2021


This blog is useful for every home buyer irrespective of family size, location, property type, and income status. You will discover:

  • Non-negotiable home safety tips
  • Concept of digital security
  • Holistic safety tips for everyone including your kids or pets

When it is a room that allows the inhabitants to relax, develop, and lead a carefree life, a house becomes a home. The protection which is offered for the inhabitants is one of the most important aspects of an ideal home. In the form of unwelcome intruders, fear of injuries, etc, a home with danger waiting around every corner is of no comfort to the inhabitants. It is vital to ensure that the home in which they live is healthy for occupants and visitors and continues to be so at various stages of their lives.

Here are the top 10 tips for home protection that you can use to make sure that your home and your family are a safe haven.


One of the most important home safety tips to bear in mind is protection from unwanted intruders. The most common threat that we face is burglary. With our evolving lifestyle, we are more dependent on people visiting our homes who are unreliable. We have several unfamiliar faces knocking on our doors, from the courier guy delivering items to delivery guys bringing in the food we ordered. To track the visits of such individuals, one must be very careful.

Not only that, there might be people who will come knocking under the guise of those people at your door. There have been cases of thieves lurking around homes claiming to be delivery workers, mechanics, military personnel, etc.

To keep such threats away, the entrance to your home should be safe and protected. Install robust and secure locks along with door chains, peepholes, and deadbolts at your main entrance to provide ample opportunities for the residents inside to protect themselves.

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Not the only entrance point to a home is the front door. By securing alternative entry points, make your home safer for your family. It is very important to use good safety grills for windows, balconies, or for balcony doors to ensure that your home is safe in more than one way.


We now live in days in which we can add another layer of protection to our homes. Monitoring the activities in our homes at all times has become relevant as more and more families are away from their homes during the day. A working pair may be away at work, leaving any unexpected visitor vulnerable to the home. It’s necessary to add security cameras, alarms, etc. They come with a lot of features and from their cell phones, you can track them too.

If you have kids around the house when you are gone, it is also an essential layer of protection. If you are on vacation or travel regularly, adding cameras is also helpful. It is also advised to post signs outside the house warning miscreants that they are being monitored.


While the points listed above ensure that your home is protected from unwanted intruders, it is just as necessary to protect against unwanted pests. Keeping your home safe for you and your family members against pests is extremely important. They bear germs and are capable of transmitting harmful infections. From where these potential pests might enter, use mesh for your windows and balcony doors.

To ensure that your family lives in a safe and hygienic climate, keep your home free of mosquitoes, rodents, etc. Make sure your garden is well taken care of, does not have stagnant water, etc. whether you have a garden or a balcony or terrace garden. Dispose of waste in a timely way, and keep your immediate surroundings safe whether you or your fellow neighbors practice composting.


Make your house a safe place for them if you have kids at home by making sure that any injuries are avoided. Heavy objects falling on a person can be very hazardous and it is best to prevent such incidents. The protection of the young can be endangered by open shelves with heavy objects, heavy sculptures, etc. Just as risky are freestanding cabinets that can be taken down.

Try to build as broadly as possible wall mounted units and keep large items out of the reach of children. Opt for closed cabinets if you want to store heavy things in them.


The danger of sharp objects is another menace that is constantly hanging over our family. Hold sharp items out of their grasp if you have kids at home or those with fragile mental health. There are several choices for cabinets to use child-safe locks, security gates to barricade rooms, etc. One might also have a door installed so that it can be kept locked when not in use because the kitchen is the most vulnerable room.

Try to use unbreakable items like tableware, and substitute something durable and unbreakable for delicate, breakable home decor, preferably without sharp edges. It can also be dangerous for furniture such as tables etc, but one can use edge protectors for the same.


To avoid any incidents, install ample lighting in your garden or balcony. Automatic porch lights, motion-sensitive entrance lights, or staircases are a good way to ensure that enough light is available to make the room safe. In the darkness, taking a fall, lurking animals or even unwelcome intruders may be a true danger. Make sure that there are no rough edges if you have staircases at home and the nosing is done to make the edges blunt.

The grills used should be durable and the height should be good enough for all residents using the space to be protected. If you have balconies at home, add a secure grill to ensure that you and your family can use it safely.


Due to wet and slippery surfaces, another common problem is dropping. To avoid incidents due to slip, make sure that your bathrooms have anti-skid tiles. Apart from this, it is recommended that kitchens also opt for a slightly rough flooring option. Balconies and gardens that are not slippery can also have flooring/paving.

If you use doormats, make sure they are strong when you walk on them to stop slipping. It is also advisable to use thicker rugs because very flimsy rugs can also cause one to slip on them.


In your home decor, there are diverse elements that should be taken care of. Some have been discussed above at length already. In areas where one can easily see into your house, avoid using sheer curtains. If you do use them, to ensure protection and privacy, pair them with thicker curtains. Keep them out of the reach of children if you use candles at home and blow them out while not in use, as it can be highly dangerous.

Invest in a fire extinguisher to ensure that any fire-related accidents can be dealt with immediately.

If you have a green thumb and plants have been integrated into your room, make sure you choose the right ones.


If you have pets, your pet’s protection is just as critical as any other family member’s safety. To make sure that your pet is at ease in your house, steps should be taken. It will be vital to take steps close to those taken when a child is around.


One of the most important home safety tips to bear in mind is protection from unwanted intruders. The most common threat that we face is burglary. Not the only entrance point to a home is the front door. Securing alternative entry points, make your home safer for your family. Adding security cameras, alarms, etc is important to add another layer of protection to your home.

It is also important if you have children around the house while you may be away. Adding cameras is also useful if you are on holiday or travel frequently. It’s advisable to post signage outside homes warning miscreants of them being watched.

Make your home safe for children by ensuring that any accidents are avoided. Use child-safe locks, security gates to barricade rooms, and use edge protectors for furniture. Keep your home free of mosquitoes, rodents, and pests. Make sure your garden is well taken care of, does not have stagnant water or stagnant water. Dispose of garbage promptly, and if you or your neighbours practice composting keep your immediate surroundings clean.

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