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Top 10 Smart Tips To Make A Successful Moving Day

23 Aug 2020

It is not an easy task to move in from your existing home to a new one. A successful moving day demands lots of planning and strategic mindset. You obviously give the job to professional movers and packers, still, there are lots of attention to detail and arrangement require. To make it comfortable and keep you away from stress on the big day, we put here top 10 smart tips to make a successful moving day.

1. Don’t be sentimental about half-empty bottles – Leave it!

Many professional packers and movers find it surprising how the clients are so finicky about their stuff. They do not leave even their old knick-knacks, broken furniture, half-empty bottles and spices. The best thing is to decide and make a list of essential things you want to take it with you and sell that unnecessary stuff to your local ragman. You can also donate your old clothes, furniture and other items to any charity.

2. Don’t risk your documents

Your documents are the most essential things you have apart from money. So, keep them separate from cardboard boxes. In the sea of cardboard boxes, it can be hard to find when it requires most. So, invest in a plastic and water-resistant bin for tax information, insurance document, passport and other important papers.

3. Time it all out

Plan your moving in advance, at least a month ago because the end of the month is always very busy with moving companies. If you procrastinate it won’t help because you might land up with a bad company or packing would be in a hurry. As soon as you know when your new home will be ready, call the company and schedule your moving day.

4. Take a picture before you unplug your electronics

Companies prefer to unplug all electronics before they touch them and they do not hook them after unloading them. To avoid frustration, take pictures of the sockets, back of your television, computer, console games etc. before the moving company unplug them. When you move to your new home, you have a better idea of how to hook them back.

5. Your essentials should be in a separate bag with you

All the essentials such as important documents, medications, clothes, keys and anything you might need should be at your side. Keep some food with you in case your moving company gets delayed.

6. Stop by the liquor store

No, we do not encourage you to drink liquor in your moving day. We only want to say, go to your nearest liquor store and ask for boxes that they are ready to throw. Bottles are generally very heavy so that shipping boxes tend to be sturdy – often better quality that your professional moving company provides you. Choose your liquor boxes wisely to avoid smells and stains.

7. Pack, label and load boxes by rooms

This is very important because it helps to save your time. Also, unpacking your boxes and arrange the right things at the right place is very stressful. If you pack and label your boxes by rooms, you can bring the boxes right to the appropriate room and simplify unpacking.

8. Pack smart

Always make your top lighter and bottom-heavy so that people do not find it hectic to move your boxes. Plan your packing beforehand and put heavier objects in small boxes and lighter objects in large boxes. To create a proper balance, always pack heavier objects at the bottom. Fill the empty spaces with t-shirts, towels, newspapers.

9. Put your liquids into a plastic tote

Most moving companies are reluctant to move the liquid items, especially cleaning products containing bleach and ammonia. The best thing is to avoid these things but if it is unavoidable then you pack these items in a plastic tote so that in case of any leakage it is less likely to ruin other stuff.

10. Plastic wrap drawers and doors

The large furniture such as drawers and doors must be wrapped in plastic to keep them from swinging open or closing during the move. You can also keep some content inside these drawers and pack it with a proper plastic so that there will be no chance of chipping and scratching during the move.


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