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18 Jan 2021


This blog is useful for all home buyers who are in the process of shortlisting homes. This acts as a checklist and helps you in the following:

  • To understand various elements that are ignored or overlooked while shortlisting homes
  • To understand how a good mobile network or closet space can help you stay peacefully
  • To prevent accidents through fire safety checklists
  • To give your kids a secure place to stay

Purchasing your fantasy home is a difficult assignment. There is a wide range of angles that must be dealt with to at last land your fantasy home. You may have experienced numerous agendas that help you with what to search for while reviewing a house, yet regularly those rundowns include just the significant angles like room sizes, area, and so on There are numerous different elements that don’t cut the main ones, yet contemplating them will assist you with picking a home that is ideal for you and your family.

Here is a rundown/checklist of elements to consider, which are regularly ignored while making a purchasing a housing agenda.


It is astounding that this factor doesn’t make it to numerous agendas thinking about how significant mobiles have become in our everyday presence. Envision living in a house that has poor or no mobile connectivity. You might be aware that it is additionally dangerous as remaining associated/connected consistently is very basic today. Try to visit various rooms in the house that you have shortlisted to guarantee that there is acceptable mobile connectivity all through the house.


We generally make a point to pick a locality that is protected, however, how regularly do you investigate the security of a youngster in the house? It is essential to see factors like the sort of nosing of the steps, the presence of sharp edges, the kinds of locks utilized, and so on. These elements decide the wellbeing of a kid, forestall genuine injury throughout a fall and assist you with abridging disasters. Picking handles rather than knobs, secure railings for overhangs, adjusted nosing for landing, and so forth are a portion of the alternatives that you should decide to guarantee safe inside.

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While we are on the whole investigating enhancements like pools, play zones, and so forth, you only from time to time ignore different comforts like advantageous waste disposal, water collecting, and so on. These facilities are fundamental and the absence of which can be truly badly designed to work efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis.


One of the elements that we consider significant is room sizes. However, some regularly, we don’t check the storeroom space accessible or investigate the appropriate position of a storage room territory. Having a private, roomy, and very much encouraged storeroom or closet or dressing corner is significant, and ordinarily, this factor is ignored while shortlisting homes. The design of the closet, layout, and intelligent planning assumes a vital part of the space-efficiency of your home.


Another factor that once in a while shows up in a housing agenda is fire wellbeing. While most rumoured and solid manufacturers deal with this, it is still essential for a person to check how safe the house is in the event of a fire. Checking the distance to the fire exit point, accessibility of putting out fire equipment, and so forth ought to be checked before shortlisting a home.


While you search for your fantasy home, remember to check for bothers, creepy crawlies, and so forth. Numerous territories may have extreme issues of water stagnation, open channels, litter, and which prompt an expanded number of mosquitoes and different creepy crawlies. One can see that particularly in more established homes, issues of cockroaches, silverfish, kissing bugs, and so forth can be extreme.

Homes that are situated close to water bodies, in a new layout, and so forth can have issues identified with rodents, snakes, reptiles, and so on. It is ideal to overview the area at various times and enquire with existing occupants about these issues before picking a home.


Several distinct elements can help you find a home that is suitable for you and your family. Incredibly, this aspect doesn’t make it to various agendas thinking about how important mobiles have become in our daily presence. Different amenities are fundamental and the lack of which can be genuinely poorly planned to operate on a day-to-day basis efficiently and effectively.

Test the well-being of flames. Check the distance to the escape point of the fire, the availability of fire equipment being put out, and so on. Remember to look for upsets, creepy crawls, and the like as you hunt for your fantasy house.


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