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Women become active in real estate purchase decision

11 Mar 2020

Women always have a very significant role in Indian cultural milieu. Women have mastered the art of homemaking, mostly because their understanding of home is quite deep-rooted than their counterparts. In recent times, it has been witnessed that many women come out of their home-making skills and leverage it for real estate purchase decisions. According to the industry’s estimation, more than 70% of all real estate buying decisions are directly taken by women members of the family or at least influenced by them.

The study shows that in metropolitan cities, women are actively involved in the home-buying procedure. Unlike men, they are meticulous and peevish while investing in something. These two qualities make them a good evaluator of various legalities and compliance aspects of the real estate buying process. Moreover, working women are quite calculative about the tax benefits and check closely all the agreements of sales, registration of property formalities.

The changing socio-economic scenario in India has given impetus to women participation in various sectors. Moreover, women have now become more financially independent, which gives them the courage to take risks. In urban areas, a shift in various asset classes has already been seen where women not only make financial decisions but also involve in the purchase decision of real estate.

Essential Factors Women Investors Consider before Buying Houses

Now analyse the various buying factors that women buyers consider before making a decision. There is a number of things that a woman buyer thinks before considering a property. Some of the essential features such as proximity to schools, medical facilities, shopping, and recreational facilities are the topmost priorities of women. Another important factor for working women is the connectivity to their workplaces.

Features of Preferable Properties

Quality of Housing

Look and feel of neighbourhood and residential community

Basic amenities

Maintenance cost

Single Women Preferences


For a working single woman, her home’s proximity to the workplace is of the greatest importance. Mostly, women prefer living in the area, which is no more than 3km of their offices. Living in a certain radius of the workplace helps in cutting travel time, flexibility to reach office and convenient transportation.

Special Benefits of Women Buyers


The government of India has introduced some housing schemes that specially cater to women. For example, the PradhanMantriAwasYojana (PMAY) is an encouraging scheme where women’s participation is mandatory as co-owners. The scheme allows first-time eligible buyers to get subsidies of Rs.2.35 Lakhs and Rs.2.30 lakhs, depending on their annual income bracket. Another scheme called Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) can be availed by middle-income groups (MIG). Many Indian states like Punjab, Haryana, NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Rajasthan give a partial waiver of 1% to 2% in stamp duty for women buyers.

These schemes are directly and indirectly give a great boost to women buyers.

Home Loan Interest Rates for Women


Women get special interest rates from public and private as well as non-banking financial institutions. They have designed special schemes for women who have raised debts for their purchase. The financial institutions offer a reduction of 1% on home loans to women buyers.


In a present scenario, women are proactive in the real estate buying decision. There are various factors associated with it including more women are in workforce, single working women and certain government policies that favour women.


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