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Benefits of a Residential Gated Complex

24 Sep 2021

For every Home buyer buying a home is one of the major decisions of your life and in making a right decision several factorscomes into play. While majority of home-buyers nowadays opt for residential gated complex, considering its multiple benefits, a lot of people still prefer standalone buildings. This is apparently economical for them than the residential complex. However, one must consider the benefits of living in a gated community before investing.


Residential gated complexes remained the most preferred category across different zones in Kolkata. Even the luxury apartments in Rajarhat New Town and other city fringes have acquired limelight due to the presence of gated residential complexes.


Both the styles of living have their own advantages and disadvantages, but staying in a secured gated community adds more value and benefit than the other.


Below mentioned are the different benefits which a buyer must consider:



Safety is the first and most important aspect when one chooses to live in a complex or in an independent house. A residential gated complex assures better safety as they have everything in order and place, from trained security guards who can deal with any critical situation to having the entire complex under CCTV surveillance system with fire fighting equipment available at ease and much more, makes for a safer living in a complex. Especially when a family has young children and senior citizens, safety becomes the primary focus while choosing a place to live in.



One of the plus point living in a Gated Complex is the availability of a number of amenities such as swimming pool, Gym, Club house, landscape garden, play area for children and many more for a better and richer living experience. Residents can choose their own recreational activities for their enjoyment. On the other hand, a standalone building does not offer these facilities.



Maintaining a big household is quite expensive and challenging. There are a number of different costs attached like electricity, plumbing and different taxes from time to time. In a residential complex all these maintenance activities or payments are dealt by a specific authority in an organized manner.


Financial Benefits

The apartments in a residential complex are more viable financially as they are more economical as compared to independent flats and houses .Purchasing and renting these apartments are easier and the maintenance cost is also quite reasonable. Since these gate communities are built in prime locations so the chances of price appreciation of these projects are quite high if someone decides to rent or sell their property.


Community Life

Living in a residential complex helps people to bond with others within the community. The residents celebrate different festivals like Holi, Diwali and social events together in which everybody can contribute as a participant for their overall development. Children gets to play together and adults and senior citizens mix with others for a healthy and fulfilling community life.


So , these are the some of the benefits of a residential gated complex but there are much more.

By Abhishek Dutta



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