How to choose a credible real estate company in Kolkata
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How to choose a credible real estate company in Kolkata

21 Feb 2022

Purchasing a residential property is a life-changing decision and that too from a credible real estate company in Kolkata is a challenging task. The whole process is enhanced by a good real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of the market, with real estate developers realizing the crucial role of brands in building customers‘ confidence in the year 2022 and is anticipated to bring more professionalism and timely delivery of projects.

So many real estate companies sell out several projects at the same time, that the choice of selecting the right real estate developer becomes difficult.


Reputed real estate developers:


Purchasing a real estate property is a big decision, involving higher stakes. Here is why you should buy property from a credible real estate company. We have put together a curated list of advantages you can benefit from while purchasing a property from reputed real estate developers.


1. Make a good decision by choosing a reputed registered agent

The reality is that as a buyer you would not know all the property details- a real estate agent bridges this gap. But in order to make sure it’s a fair deal, you should always choose a credible real estate agent.

Furthermore, the Real Estate Agent act 2016 has come as a timely bill to provide transparency to this closed-knit market. All agents must be registered with HERA or HIRA (Housing Industry Regulatory Authority) in West Bengal in order to offer services in sale and purchase in the real estate sector. Even developers are required to provide names of authorized real estate agents who are allowed to deal in their projects.

As a buyer, they should always choose a registered real estate company. Now it’s easier than ever to verify if the project and the agent are to be trusted. Visit the RERA or HIRA websites where registered agents, as well as registered projects, are listed. While RERA or HIRA registration is definitely one of the major aspects of identifying the right consultant.

Here are some smart tips for every home buyer:


How experienced is the real estate agent and for how long are they in business?

Ask for referrals to past clients you can talk to.

Is proper legal due diligence of a project done by them?

How organized is the agent? Do they have a permanent office address, proper contact number and a website ETC?

Are they highly knowledgeable about the laws governing real estate, government policies, home loan and bank policies PMAY and consumer protection laws?


2. Timely delivery of the projects, and makes it good selling points:

One of the most important aspects to choose a credible real estate company in Kolkata is the timely delivery of a home. It marks the essence of real estate companies. The several developers fighting irate customers in the courts low, delivery home on the time no longer a matter of choice, but has successfully incorporated in Government’s housing act as a HIRA or RERA.

The introduction of stringent norms has brought discipline and organization to Indian real estate. Furthermore, they justify the authenticity of the developer.

Under RERA, if there is any default from the side of the buyer or promoter, both will be liable to pay an equal rate of interest.


3. The biggest prerequisite is security:

Most of the new and upcoming residential projects are flanked by top-security amenities and CCTV surveillance. Thus, restricting entry points for intruders.

Credible real estate developers will offer a better choice of safety features. Besides established developers. You may also benefit from inbuilt smart home security features with motion sensors, and door and window sensors which is a one-time investment in security.


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-By Moon Sarkar


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