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Luxury Amenities that set Magnolia Merlion apart from the rest

1 Oct 2020

What sets a luxury apartment complex apart from the regular or affordable segment? There are features and amenities that regular gated communities do not include. Magnolia Merlion is embellished with ultramodern lifestyle amenities amidst a vivacious environment, filled with well-chosen landmarks and luxuries of Singapore. The top-notch amenities of this residential project in New Town take care of the wellness of the residents as well as ensure that they have a good time being home.

Infinity edge swimming pool

Plenty of modest homes have swimming pools, especially in warm climates. But infinity pool is not very common. It is like a zero-edge pool that looks like disappearing into the horizon. Take a dip into the pool within the premises and wash away your everyday stress. Swimming is a good all-round activity as it builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Multipurpose sports court

A multipurpose sports court within the premises will allow your kids a safe and entertaining space to play. The outdoor activities are a must for the growth of kids. Basketball, badminton or tennis – multipurpose courts satisfy the needs of a person who want to get indulged in varieties of sports within one court. Indulging in outdoor sports will keep you fit and help you to relieve stress. Also, it helps to let your kids explore various sports and engage in regular, daily practice if they decide to play sports for local teams or clubs.

Landscaped gardens with sit-outs

Intricate landscape designs create a relaxing feeling. It’s good to take a break from a busy day and enjoy the fresh air from the garden. Being close to nature has a therapeutic effect since the focal points in landscaping works are those elements that represent life and health such as trees, plants and flowers. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place too. There are well-designed sit-outs within Merlion’s apartment complex in Rajarhat for the residents to pause and relax.

Fountain with party deck

The Merlion Fountain is proudly standing in an exotic pool and cascading waterfall which is not a very common feature. It creates a gripping first impression that denotes luxury. The party deck is a perfect space for entertaining friends and family. Celebrate festivals together in a well-decorated party deck. The extra outdoor space will give you room to put furniture, plants, grills, and other things that will make it more enjoyable and functional as well as enhance the visual appearance of the space.

Club Marina with indoor sports and gymnasium

Indulging in indoor games and sports are a productive and refreshing way to spend time. Changing lifestyle needs changing amenities and indoor sports or gym arena are the topmost priorities. The club is a happy place and hub of all recreational activities in one roof. A gym within the premises is encouraging for the residents as it helps them to stay committed to their fitness goals. Returning to your own home after a workout at your residential gym also means you can avoid otherwise busy changing rooms at peak hours.


Discover luxury in the truest sense of the term at Magnolia Merlion at Rajarhat. Get ready to be pampered to the core by the lifestyle amenities here.


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