The best investment option for women-Real Estate or Gold
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What is the best option for women-Real Estate or Gold?

22 Aug 2022

Gold and real estate investment are both best for your future asset. We are saving money or investing money for our future security. The best investment option for women-Real Estate or Gold.

Gold has always been represented as a status symbol in Society. In that case, many families prefer to invest their money in gold. Investing in gold is the most common option for Indian families. They believe gold to pass it on to the next generation as the ritual of a family asset—the best advantage of investing in gold is that it provides the most significant degree of flexibility. On the other hand, real estate mostly provides you with excellent returns and an advantage to leverage your wealth. Investment in real estate is always going to be the best option in any given circumstance. This can become a way to earn passive income and gain long-term wealth—the right decision is that real estate can be one of the best areas to invest your money.


Return in Real Estate & Gold

Real Estate:

Real estate has given an average of 8% returns and can go up to 15% or more. The rental yield in India is around 7%-9% which is lower than other investment choices. On the other side, real estate can produce regular monthly income, which a gold investment cannot. Real estate can be a long-term investment choice where the property value appreciates with the passage of time. It provides better returns than gold, without much distrust.




Gold investment is worthwhile as it gives inflation-beating results. Returns from the gold investment are in line with the inflation price. The downside is when gold appreciates in value. It is because there is a devaluation of the paper currency, and that’s why returns become nominal in the case of gold investment.


The best investment option for women-Real Estate or Gold

4 reasons for women to invest their money in Real estate


1. Real estate property is a stable investment option as compared to gold. Also, owning a home means you are ensuring a secure future.

2. The Value of the property can be increased through repairs and renovations. Unlike gold, the property can be altered at your convenience.

3. The longer you hold onto your property, the more value you are likely to get. Investors who plan on holding their assets for more than 10 years likely benefit more from real estate than gold.

4. Real estate can also be a full-time source of income for you. You can rent your property or flat for a fixed monthly income.


4 reasons for women to invest their money in Gold


1. Gold is more volatile than real estate property. The value of gold prices changes almost every day.

2. The returns fluctuate with the market. If the price of gold drops, then the investment value also goes down.

3. Gold doesn’t need to maintain. You can easily lock it and used it when you need it.

4. When you will be buying a piece of gold jewelry you don’t show any legal steps, you can easily purchase your gold, but it is limited.


One thing to keep in our mind before a big investment is to set your final goal. What do you actually need/want? Many banks in India start lower-interest home loans for only women. And also, the Indian government has taken an initiative by providing subsidies on the stamp duty charges.


Written By: Moon Sarkar


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