Role of social media in real estate in 2022
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How social media is changing property and purchase

21 Jan 2022

Role of social media in real estate:

Social Media is a very popular platform in the current situation. Today we cannot imagine our life without social media. In the present scenario rarely find someone who is not using any social media.  Now a day business has also turned a blind eye to social media, especially the real estate industry. Primary targets of real estate companies for their marketing needs get the help of social media. Social media plays an important role in the real estate industry.

Above 2.82 billion users were tallied in 2019.  It’s not shocking why social media is transforming to boost brand awareness. That’s why specialists are saying, users, ascend to over a billion in 2021.

Role of social media marketing for businesses:

The real estate industry has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the year 2020, social media became a primary tool for the real estate industry. Real estate companies are progressively embracing social media as a means to showcase their properties, virtually. That’s the reason social media become an important part of the time of social distance.

There are various benefits a business owner can reap from social media. However, they require to select their effective medium and the nature of their content.

Here we can discuss the following factors of the value of social media in the real estate industry.


Boost’s website traffic:

Blog posts and articles are shared on social media sites that help connect with the audience, and make their purchase decision keen on opting for expert opinion. Daily posting content improves in lifting website ranking as search engine fresh content. Finally, the pages are linked to multiple sources, a top-of-the-mind recall is created amongst consumers.

Various Marketing Efforts:

Marketing offers business ventures a large number of methods for promoting their product. Employing multiple marketing modes can prove to be beneficial as the returns will come from varied segments. Apart from merely using traditional ways, realtors can use a mix of online advertising and social media marketing to expand their outreach. Updating accounts on pages like Twitter and Facebook can help one in generating awareness amongst current and potential clients.

Improves in Network:

Successful organizations have a very strong network base and are very well connected with everyone present in their internal as well as external business environment. Social media does not only help in retaining current clients but also allows one to reconnect with consumers from the past, attract potential buyers and keep a tab on the activities of their peers and competitors.

One can reach out to existing and old customers via Facebook, and use the platform to ask for referrals for one’s business. Further, digital media sites are great for gaining competitor insights. They help with understanding the strategy employed by other agents and how they are marketing their products.

Brand Visibility:

The primary reason behind using digital media platforms for promotion is that it assists in building the name of the brand. It helps position oneself in the market, subsequently catching the attention of new clients.

Business owners need to be certain of the taste of their target group and roll out material that will fit their liking. Such tailored posts keep the audience engaged, and they keep coming back for more information.


Many real estate agents get new clients by posting on social media. This might explain why more agents are investing in improving their social media presence than they are in email marketing or SEO. Agents who focus on crafting hyper-local content can target prospects, and position themselves as personable experts in their area.

The pandemic has sparked more agents to show what they’re doing for their clients and their listings virtually on social media. However, it’s obvious social media has staying power.

Written By- Moon Sarkar


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