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Work From Home Is New Normal – Create Space For Maximum Productivity

24 May 2020

Social distancing is the new mandate across much of the country. Organizations knew for long that work from home has certain advantages but in recent times people have realized the true potential of it. Many workers, who can easily execute their work from their homes, are encouraged to do that. Nevertheless, this type of work culture is new to our society, and therefore for many, it is difficult to stay focused on work in their comfortable spaces. The best way is to modify your workspace, organize it and make it more visually appealing, which can greatly help in inciting positive energy, relaxed environment and eventually increased productivity.

Five Ways To Increase Productivity During Work From Home

1. Your Working Space Is Everything – Commit to it!

It is true that not everyone is privileged to get a secluded working space in the home. Some people living with lots of people, which can make the routine derailed easily. If you have lack of space, find at least a place where you can commit yourself, even if it is a small corner of your balcony. Unless you are committing to your space, it is extremely difficult to get yourself in the work mindset. Make your area a functional one; it means comfortable chair, the right height of typing, a seamless tech set-up to make your video calls smooth and efficient.

If you have a separate room, dedicate yourself to the room for at least 5-6 hours a day, just like what you do in your office space. Do not let your spouse or family mess up with the table or your space because it will affect your psychology.

2. Clean your Desk Regularly

In your office, you generally do not make a mess, so why not practice it in your home? Toss everything that needs to be thrown out, imbibe positive environment with some energetic quotes, keep all your stationery in a tray and ensure all your day-to-day essentials close at hand.

3. All Work No Play Makes it Dull

Not everyone is creative, but everyone can at least dedicate some time to break the monotony of daily work. People are glued to social media for entertainment, but this is highly addictive and counterproductive. Instead, you can create something in your free time beyond your laptop and smartphone that will inspire you. An easy task is to create an inspiring board with all types of inspiring quotes, pictures and fill it with things that make you happy. It is also productive to make a schedule for your daily work, not in your mind or diary but on a board so that it will keep reminding you whenever you sit on the desk.

4. Be Professional, Look Professional

Internet is full of memes and funny videos about video calls during this lockdown period. Do not just change your schedule because you are now working from home. If you want to take advantage of this work from home then it is important that you know how to take advantage of this system. If we eliminate certain exceptions, nobody actually expects that working from home means dedicate yourself 24 hours to the office. The human mind is capable of doing things for a certain period of time only; it doesn’t mean that when you have lots of time, you can dedicate the whole time to your work. Of course, you can stretch to a certain limit but beyond that, it will break. So, wake up early, have a good breakfast, take care of your household work and then sit in front of a video call with properly dressed. This will certainly give you confidence, inspire others and increase productivity

5. Make a Schedule and Take Occasional Breaks!

Often when you stay at home and work, you forget your regular schedule and sit in front of your computer more than what you use to sit in your office desk. This doesn’t mean you are more productive, but it simply means you procrastinate more in your comfortable setting.

When you are working from home it is important to maintain your schedule and take breaks as usual. Shut down your computer, do not use your smartphone for any video call or any work-related calls, and do not reply to messages unless you are in a position to take an important decision without which things won’t be moved. If you are working for more than 10 hours a day, it doesn’t mean you are 10 hours productive. It means you are wasting too much time browsing things or doing things that are important.


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