Gated community or traditional locality - which is better?
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Gated Community Vs Traditional Locality

25 Jul 2022

Gated community or traditional locality-which is better? This is a choice that most buyers come across before buying a new home. Gated communities are high-security systems and equipped with modern facilities whereas traditional localities tend to be lighter in the pocket.


Gated Community


If you are planning to buy a luxury property with a hi-tech security system then in that case the gated community is ideal for you and your loved ones. A gated community brings many luxurious amenities with an enclosed setting. Currently, gated community living is also quite common in India. Most home buyers are highly interested in purchasing a new property in a gated community.


1. Security System:


Security is one of the primary concerns before buying a new home for home buyers as many people live apart from their families due to jobs or businesses. In that case, security is the main factor for them. The added security provides better protection against theft and accidents. Cameras are installed on every corner to keep an eye on anything suspicious and also all visitors. All families are safer when living in a gated community.


2. Strategic Location:


Most of the gated communities are situated at strategic locations. Its means proximity to Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Malls, etc. These types of communities also ensure easy accessibility to all other basic amenities.


3. Open Space:


Gated Complexes are planned to provide ample open space for the residents to enjoy natural beauty in the form of landscaped gardens filled with lush greenery. Living in a natural-friendly location helps a lot for overall health and mental peace also.


4. Amenities:


Gated Communities have many luxury amenities like swimming pools, gyms, community halls, playgrounds, and parks.


Traditional Locality


A traditional locality or set-up consists of independent houses or standalone buildings within a given area. In terms of living, they don’t offer certain amenities which a gated complex offers such as swimming pools, a garden, a gym, a play area for children, and many more.
These localities are not private, in that case, this is not the association’s responsibility. And one of the important considerations when it comes to associated costs.
These kinds of localities are easy to rent and it helps a lot for college students and workers etc. they actually prefer to rent a home close to their college or workplace. Traditional localities give an old-world charm as the buildings and houses have beautiful and old architecture.




If you have shifted from a traditional locality in Kolkata to a gated complex, then you can see the difference. There is no way you can have even some of the amenities easily found in a gated community in Kolkata neighborhoods.

Gated Community Vs Traditional Locality-which is better for living. Gated communities are highly safe and secure with more modern amenities for you than traditional localities neighborhoods.


By- Moon Sarkar


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