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Just Two Things That Can Change Your Real Estate Deals Online

5 Sep 2020

First, you must understand that most of the businesses need just two things:

1) For prospective clients to know that you exist in this universe

2) To have them trust you.

Now, if you go through the detailing, you find a plethora of details such as offerings, pricing, brand image, website, lead channels and others to successfully finish real estate deals in Online. It is not that you shouldn’t think of those things, but most of the owners do the mistake of overcomplicating things and get agitated to think about increment in sales and growth through lots of things.

You may think about detailing later on but think about it for a moment; if you just focus on two principals, which are, your target audiences know you exist (meaning people should know who you are and what you offer), and they trust you (meaning your reviews, sales and brand image should be as neat as possible.)

You could be a small shop owner or a big real estate giant, these two basics work in principle, if not in degrees.

Let’s simplify the one principal at a time:

1. Your prospective customers need to know you exist

A high-end SUV costs more than the lowest range of apartment you sell. So, your prospective customers won’t trust you, if they don’t know you. This is as simple as that.

Now, step back a bit and think where are your prospective customers and where they pay attention?

a) Put yourself on their shoes, so if you are desperately searching for a home, where would you start? You might look into housing portals, probably you look for an agent, or even you search reputed companies in the search engine and land up on their website.

b) If you are not desperate but you have a requirement, would you like to search in housing portals or search in Google? Or you just find an emailer in your mailbox about a new property and find it interesting. Or maybe you scrolling through your Facebook timeline and see an ad and enquire.

The point is you need to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects, categorize them and reach them through appropriate channels.

What things do you need to communicate?

  • First thing is to show what you are and what you have done. Do not use sales pitch, do not pretend that people are dumb, they understand everything. Tell them straight up, prices, offers and your achievements in the past with data.
  • Next important thing is to make them aware of how the process work and how much convenient(price) for them.
  • How to get in touch with you?
  • Lastly, ask them to ask freely any details they are wondering.

This process is only half the work done. Now, you need to find a solution for them that relieves their pain, but first, they need to trust you to take your solution.

2. Your prospective customers need to trust you

In this competitive scenario, it is not enough that people call you or visit your website if they don’t trust you and discuss your information with their families and friends. Lots of business owners stress on in getting front of prospective customers, but less is focused on building trust with the target audience.

You need to promote your website, Facebook and other social media pages with the following details:

  • What are your services and offers?
  • Ask free to clarify doubts
  • Testimonials videos from happy customers
  • A page dedicated to testimonials
  • A clear call-to-action
  • Reviews on your Facebook page
  • Other reviews in popular forum pages


When your prospective customers are in pain and looking for a solution, if you reach them with the right solution, you will be recognized. The second part is to earn the trust of your prospective customers. Focusing on these two aspects of marketing make it easier to grow business.

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