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Top 5 Home Living Trends That Emerged During COVID-19 Pandemic

24 May 2021

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, “home”, for many, is not just defined as a living space, but doubled as an office, school, gym, entertainment zone, and more. The pandemic is undoubtedly one of the largest global crises of this century, witnessing massive shifts in people’s behaviour with new norms, regulations, and updates to keep a healthy life. Home Living Trends That Emerged During COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here are the top 5 home living trends that are likely to stay as the world gets a better handle on the coronavirus.

Upgrade Home Offices

work from home covid 19

While it seems remote work is a temporary measure, many companies who have given access to their employees’ work from home are expected to continue doing so beyond the pandemic at some level. Many people expect to work from home at least a few days a week post-pandemic, so they seek permanent workspace solutions. In this regard, doors to the workplace are a better proposition than open-layout homes. Also, if available, basement conversions are a popular solution. Repurposing a guest room or storeroom is another viable solution-seeking private space.

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Health and Fitness – An Everyday Preoccupation


yoga meditation home covid 19

Along with good physical health, mental well-being becomes a major priority. There is already a steep uptick in the consumption of online health and fitness programs. The pandemic has taught people to take care of themselves and take the necessary steps to prevent diseases. Many people have adopted a regular yoga and meditation routine to help them alleviate stress. Also, people understand the value of home-cooked food and good nutrition. Well-balanced nutrition is a quintessential part of lifestyle, particularly in times when the immune system might need to fight back.

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New Leisure Spaces

exercise at home covid 19

While homeowners have always new home improvement projects in hand, some others are uniquely motivated by the current circumstance. For example, people are now aware of the benefits of exercise and thus create their own home gyms, no matter how small these are. These are not at all come under luxury amenities but an essential part of daily living. Many homeowners have cancelled their vacation budgets and created their home gyms by repurposing that budget. Many homeowners have transformed their unused spaces like garage or terrace spaces into a home gym.

Parenting At Home

parenting at home covid 19

Fear, uncertainty, and being holed up at home can make it tough for parents, but it is also important to understand that it affects children greatly in terms of psychological health. Many parents are now more aware, learning how to help children feel safe, keep healthy routines and motivate them in creative pursuits. While the usual routines are no more applicable, parenting involves new schedules that include wake-up routines, getting dressed, healthy breakfast, active play, school work, online social time with friends, family time, and reading before bed. Younger children and older teens more often do not describe their feeling in words, and they feel extra irritated as they miss out on their friends and normal events, so it is important to understand their feeling and encourage them to adopt certain creative work and use rewards and privileges to reinforce good behaviour.

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New Media Boom

new media boom


A study testifies that the majority of people have surprisingly increased their social media consumption. One hard truth of the COVID-19 pandemic is that people now more trust social media news and alternate media channels. Moreover, social media has now become the number one way to be with friends and families because daily interactions are mediated by screens. Therefore, a new trend has emerged that people now trust and share pandemic news from social media, but it is also important to understand where you get these stories. The web is full of panic-inducing misleading stories, so make sure you trust and share from reliable sources only.


Nutrition, physical activity, and restorative sleep are the fundamental axioms of human health as well as pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Exposure to viral diseases, particularly in this pandemic, healthy lifestyles are absolutely relevant to prevent the disease as well as maintain an individual’s mental health. The article enumerates the top 5 home living trends that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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